Who are Gravity Fitness?

Welcome to Gravity Fitness – the UK’s fastest growing supplier of Functional Fitness and Calisthenics equipment, specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of Street Workout, Cross Fit and all genres of Strength Training.

Founded by fitness enthusiasts, our team are passionate for everything ‘fitness’, particularly Functional Fitness. Because of this passion and enthusiasm, you can rest assured that we are completely dedicated to improving your fitness and general training experience. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, which is why any products designed by us go through a vigorous test and quality control process to ensure that we are providing the best functional equipment on the market. Not only are our products the best, they are also all very competitively priced to improve our customer satisfaction even further.

Aside from our commitment to providing unrivalled quality Calisthenics and Functional Fitness equipment, we are also big fans of creativity and innovation. Within our certain areas of expertise in the fitness industry, we aim to bring the newest and most advanced products to the market, some of which include our Gravity Fitness Plyometric Jump Box, a range of Gravity Fitness Pro Parallettes, and our own Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar.

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