Pull-Up Bar


Gravity Fitness Portable Bodyweight & Pull up Rack

  • Suitable for a full range of exercises including Pull Up, Dips, leg raises, incline press ups, front and back levers.
  • Height in the extended position: 192cm
  • Height in the compact position: 120cm
  • Distance between dip bars: 60cm
  • Width of top bar: 116cm
  • Collapsable in just a few minutes
  • Weighs only 19kg
  • Maximum user weight 110kg

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Product Description

The Gravity Fitness Portable Bodyweight & Pull up Rack has been designed to offer a complete workout using only your bodyweight, anywhere in the world. With no screws or bolts our Bodyweight & Pull up Rack can be assembled in only a few minutes and once taken down can be easily stored out of the way. Absolutely perfect for anyone wanting to workout at home, bootcamps and anyone looking for flexibility in there workouts.

Please note: This item is designed to be portable and collapses in only a few minutes without any need for tools, because of this there bar does sway slightly whilst in use. This however does not effect the function of the item in any way.


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