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Welcome to Gravity Fitness – the UK and Europe’s fastest growing supplier of quality functional fitness, calisthenics and home fitness equipment.

Gravity Fitness is a brand synonymous with innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Our core values centre around offering pioneering products at a reasonable price.

Founded by fitness enthusiasts, our team are fervent calisthenic advocates, who live and breathe functional fitness. The welcome by-product of a lean and well-proportioned muscular frame is a gratifying bonus that we should all be taking advantage of, by incorporating bodyweight training into our fitness regimen.

Gravity Fitness are dedicated to customer satisfaction, which is why our products go through a vigorous testing and quality control process to ensure we are providing the best functional fitness equipment available on the market today.

Not only are our products the best out there, they also provide value for money because we sell direct to consumer, meaning we can price competitively without comprising on top quality manufacturing.

Since our launch in 2015, Gravity Fitness are proud to announce that our parallettes quickly became Europe’s best selling. Our spiralling overnight success story cemented our place in the industry and fuelled the fire to defend the title by constantly revolutionising and developing our products. We prioritise listening to customer feedback and expanding our product ranges to meet growing consumer demand.

Gravity Fitness are huge fans of pushing the boundaries through creativity and innovation; our aim is to introduce state-of-the-art products to the market. Continuously modernising and adapting to bring our valued customers to the forefront of the fitness world evolution.

In keeping with our pioneering ethos, after the unparalleled success of our parallette range, Gravity Fitness has expanded our product line to include the Plyometric Jump BoxPortable Pull Up RackPower TowerResistance Bands and our Heavy-Duty Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar.

We welcome customer feedback and where possible, try to facilitate any suggestions. If you have any ideas, please get in touch via our contact page. Your opinions matter!


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Parallettes are one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment out there! There is a whole host of dynamic moves to add to your repertoire. Start with the basics like dips to strengthen your triceps and push-ups to work your chest and shoulders. Progress to more expert moves like the L-sit for abdominals, V-sit for abs plus hips, planche for a great core and upper body burn, handstand for shoulders, back and arms and the iconic handstand push-up… well now you’re just showing off. With these compact pieces of kit, the possibilities are endless!


The beauty of calisthenics is that it centres around using your own body to perform functional moves that build muscle and obliterate fat. That makes calisthenics a great option for everyone looking to get healthy, it’s accessible for all. You can get started with minimal equipment too; try a good quality set of parallettes and a pull-up bar to cover all the basics before progressing onto more skilled movements. There’s a wealth of information available at your fingertips to get you underway, look for tutorials and how-to articles and blogs… in fact have a browse on the Gravity Fitness website for everything you need to begin your calisthenics journey.


The absolute best home exercise equipment without fail is your own body! That’s what makes calisthenics so beneficial. There are a couple of pieces of kit, however, that allow you to get the most out of your home workouts; all whilst taking minimal space to store in your home too! A fantastic starter kit that covers all the basics are a set of parallettes, pull-up bar and some resistance bands. These adaptable bits of kits will allow you to achieve a next-level full body workout that will not only up your calisthenic game but also create a lean, toned body that leaves you feeling energised and confident.


In short… yes! Absolutely you can! Hypertrophy, the process of growing muscle is caused by applying resistance that causes the muscle fibres to breakdown and then rebuild the damaged tissue. Traditionally, most people think of conventional bodybuilding exercises for muscle growth however that resistance required to initially damage the muscle tissue can be achieved by any number of stimulus. Incorporating calisthenics into your muscle building routine is considered a much safer strategy with a substantially lower risk of injury than its bodybuilding counterparts. To help muscles grow ensure you are eating a calorie surplus (consuming more energy than you burn), ingesting plenty of protein and getting adequate sleep.


In order to improve any skill, the key is practice! Be consistent with your training and persevere… nothing beats good old-fashioned graft. There are some accessory moves that will help increase your rep bank though; incorporate some weighted pull-ups and try a slightly wider than shoulder-width grip for variety. Always ensure you are engaging your lats in order to increase strength and consider adding some heavy deadlifts into your regimen. Losing bodyfat will make the move easier to perform and allow you to sneak in those extra couple of reps so try applying a modest calorie deficit if it’s aligned with your goals.