Gravity Fitness was started back in 2016 by Fitness enthusiast Rich Hawkins.

“In the summer of 2015 I decided to improve my functional fitness and bodyweight strength. I also had a niggling shoulder injury that kept coming back so I made the decision to purchase a set of Parallettes, so that I could train these movements at home. The Parallettes turned up a few days later and too my surprise and disappointment they where glued together plastic plumbers pipe (the type you would use on your sink!). I sent the seller an email requesting a refund and expressing my disappointment. 

I spent that evening looking to find a replacement set that met my expectations and would stand the test of time. I could not find any, that where not hundreds of pounds. I lay awake that night feeling disheartened with the situation. It was then that it occurred to me, what if I could create and manufacture my own Parallettes that could be both high quality and attainable”.

The Gravity Fitness Brand was born.

We started working with UK Calisthenics athletes to build the best set of Parallettes we could make. The first batch sold out in 2 weeks! In just a short period of time the Gravity Brand has gone from strength to strength and we now have a full range of attainable high quality fitness equipment. 

We are still working closely with many Athletes across the UK and Europe to manufacture more great functional fitness equipment.
We put a large part of our success down to a huge passion for fitness and years of experience within the industry.
However more importantly we treat our customers like they are family. Thats what Gravity Fitness is to us a family of passionate people who want to improve themselves through fitness.

We will continue to grow and strive to always go above and beyond what is expected from us.

UK championships

In the summer of 2016 Gravity Fitness has the opportunity to sponsor WSWCF Championships. We joint hosted and sponsored the UK championships in May and the world championships in July. These where both very successful events not only for the brand but also for street workout and calisthenics in the UK as a whole. The UK Championships where actually featured on BBC news and with much of the local press.

“We really did have a great time working with the event organiser Jase and meeting the worlds best street workout athletes. We built relationships with many athletes that we have welcome into the Gravity family and are lucky enough to call personal friends


Battle of the bars – Amsterdam

 In winter 2016 we sponsored the WCO Battle of the Bars in Amsterdam. This was another great event that took place at the Amsterdam Fit Expo. Again we where proud to support both the event and the athletes and have since welcome many new athletes and aspiring athletes all over Europe into the Gravity family. The Gravity Fitness brand is now gaining momentum throughout Europe and we have supplied our equipment to over 30 different countries.

Gravity Fitness Teams with Body Weight Gurus

In Spring 2017 Gravity Fitness teamed up with Bodyweight Gurus to offer Calisthenics workshops and Reps accredited instructor training courses nationwide. This is an ongoing project and we continue to work with Rix and the team at Bodyweight Gurus to grow this area of fitness. Calisthenics continues to grow globally and we are already at the forefront of Calisthenics and Functional Fitness equipment. See for further information on these fantastic courses.

Introduction to Calisthenics Workshops

During the summer and Autumn of 2017 we worked with @Jase_Barvolution the founder of Street Sports Association and Evolution of Fitness Calisthenics Academy to bring free introduction to Calisthenics workshops at Crossfit boxes throughout the UK. This has been a great project and has introduced many new fitness enthusiasts into Calisthenics. This has been a truly worthwhile project and we have since supplied many of the Crossfit boxes with new equipment. We are currently developing many new products in 2018 already already looks to be an exciting year for the brand.

Gravity Fitness Introduces Resistance Bands

In the winter of 2017 Gravity Fitness launch our resistance bands. Available in 6 sizes with varying levels of resistance. These have as expected proved to be really popular. We decided to name the different sizes around various warrior names. The Prospect, The Recruit, The Samurai, The Ninja, The Warrior & The Spartan. Thus keeping with our warrior head branding.

Gravity Fitness – New Rubber Feet

After a lot of feedback form our Gravity Family and having posted a survey over Christmas 2017 we made the decision to add rubber feet to all of our Parallettes. These Rubber Feet both protect the floor and prevent the Parallettes moving whilst being used. We feel this is a great addition to what are already Europe’s most popular Parallettes.


During the Christmas period of 2017 we did a customer survey asking what products our customers would like to see from us. 35% of people asked for wooden Gymnastic Rings. In summer 2018 we released our Gravity Fitness Rings. These are used not only for Calisthenics but also Crossfit, Gymnastics and other functional fitness programmes. The great things about rings is that they are very portable and can be hung from any solid anchor point.