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August 30, 2018

No need to go to the gym with these fat-burning conditioning sessions

Athletic woman exercising with kettle bell while being in squat position. Muscular woman doing crossfit workout at gym.

A well-rounded athlete needs to tick several boxes in training: weight training for muscle mass and bone density, low level cardio for heart health and stress reduction, stretching for connective tissue and posture, and some high intensity cardio for metabolic work.

But high intensity cardio doesn’t have to mean bike sprints or running (unless you want it to!)

Try rotating a number of conditioning sessions to push your fitness forwards, challenge your CV system, and burn serious amounts of calories.

Plus conditioning workouts can be a lot of fun – something most people miss out on when they think “cardio”!


– they’re quick! Conditioning sessions should be short (if they aren’t short, you’re not working hard enough) so they can fit into pockets of time in your day – or even be tagged onto the end of a weights session

– they burn calories. The “afterburn effect” of high intensity cardio might have been over played in recent years, but it does exist. Working hard in a conditioning session burns calories at the time – an afterwards

– they work muscle. Conditioning isn’t just cardio, it will also work major muscle groups like your legs, back, and shoulders.

– it prevents adaptation. Our bodies can get used to familiar training patterns, loads, and frequency. Conditioning cranks things up to keep you out of a training plateau and encourage progression.




There’s loads of kit you could get for your home gym – the only limit is space (and your budget!) We get excited about this kind of thing. Here are 10 home-gym conditioning kit ideas… in order of size!

1 Slam ball

2 Kettlebell/s

3 Tyre

4 Hammer and tyre

5 Suspension training system

6 Plyo box/es

7 Battle ropes

8 Sled/prowler

9 Concept2 rower

10 Airdyne bike



We’ve put together 3 different conditioning sessions you can do at home – feel free to mix and match depending on the kit you’ve got.


A simple circuit is a great way to add some metabolic conditioning work into your week. Move from one exercise to the next with minimal rest (it’s the lack of rest that encourages the conditioning benefit).


Do 30 seconds of each exercise

1 Barbell clean

2 Barbell front squat

3 Barbell bent over row

4 Press up

5 Kettlebell swing

6 Slam ball slams or medicine ball throws



All you need here is a kettlebell and pull up bar.


5 rounds of:

15 x single arm kettlebell deadlift

10 x single arm kettlebell sings

8 x single arm kettlebell push press

5-10 x chin ups

15 x press ups

(repeat on the other side for one round)



EMOM means every minute on the minute. So – you guessed it – do every set on the top of a minute. The faster you work, the more rest yu get. But the slower you go, the less rest you need…your call!


EMOM for 8 minutes

1 x 15 second negative pull up

5 x pull ups

Jump rope for the remainder of the minute


EMOM for 4 minutes

10 x ground to overheads (use dumbellls, a plate, a barbell, or kettlebells)


EMOM for 3 minutes

200m sprint + 3 press ups + 5 sit ups


If you want to add conditioning kit to your home gym, take a look at our store – and let us know if we can help you choose!