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Product information

Parallettes-Small: 71x22x17cm 7.5kg

Parallettes-Medium: 46x27xl3cm 7.5kg

Parallettes-XLarge: 77x62x13cm 12kg

Portable Pull Up Rack: 117x39x24cm 20.5kg

Power Tower: l30x49xl0cm 30kg

Plyo-Box: 82x67xl3cm 24kg

Rings: 24.5×24.5×7.5cm l.85kg

Wall mounted pull up bar: l03x62xl9cm l6.5kg

We usually advise customers not to as they will rust over time. However, it will take a long time for that rust to affect the integrity of the bars, so it can be done but at your own risk and we would be unable to honour warranties.

Parallettes: 200kg
Portable Pull Up Rack: 110kg
Power Tower: l50kg
Plyo-Box: 200kg
Rings: l50kg
Wall mounted pull up bar: 200kg (if correctly fitted to double skin wall)

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They could be, but there’s 8 nuts that you need a 19mm or adjustable spanner to take them off each time.