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about us

The Gravity Fitness Promise

It’s quite simple. Our mission is to provide quality, durable, innovative functional fitness products so you can train on your terms. We believe everyone should be able to train how they want, where they want, and when they want.

 Innovation: pioneering products for functional fitness at a reasonable price

  • Quality: by selling direct, we focus on top quality design and manufacturing
  • Customer satisfaction: our products go through rigorous testing and quality control


We Believe…

Training is much more than getting fit and looking good. It’s a daily opportunity to look within, connect with your goals, and grow.

Functional fitness and bodyweight training is a personal journey. Part strength, part meditation, it offers an escape from daily life, a chance to work on yourself without distractions.

Our products are just the beginning. We are proud to also support athletes and events, offer workshops and accredited training courses, run lively Facebook community, and welcome people to our incredible Gravity Academy training facility.

We want to be part of a world where people move their bodies, strengthen their weaknesses, and fulfil their potential.

We welcome customer feedback and love hearing from the Gravity family.

Get in touch any time with questions or suggestions. [EMAIL US]


2015 – Gravity Fitness launches

Our founder Rich Hawkins had been struggling with shoulder injuries, and decided to work on his bodyweight strength. He bought a set of parallettes – but was shocked by the disappointing quality. He sent them back, but couldn’t find anything better. That night, he decided to design quality, fit-for-purpose parallettes that could be manufactured at a reasonable price. Gravity Fitness was born.


2015 – Working with athletes

Rich and his small team worked with UK calisthenics athletes to develop parallettes that were durable, comfortable, and exactly what athletes need. The first batch sold out in two weeks – we were onto something!  We still work closely with athletes across the UK and Europe to design and develop high quality functional fitness equipment.


2016 –World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation Championships

In May 2016, we joint hosted the UK WSWCF Championships, and sponsored the World Championships in July. This was a pivotal moment for street workout and calisthenics in the UK. The events got great media coverage, and Gravity Fitness build lasting relationships with athletes – many of whom are now part of the Gravity family.


2016 – WCO Battle of the Bars

At the end of 2016, we sponsored the WCO Battle of the Bars in Amsterdam, part of the Amsterdam Fit Expo. We supported the event and athletes, and welcomed more people into the Gravity family. By now, we were supplying Gravity Fitness equipment to over 30 European countries.


2017 – Partnering with Bodyweight Gurus to offer training courses 

In early 2017, we turned our focus to industry education. We teamed up with Bodyweight Gurus to offer calisthenics workshops and REPS-accredited instructor training courses across the UK. We still run these sources, working with Rix and the team at Bodyweight Gurus to develop this area of the fitness industry. We are really proud to be at the forefront of functional fitness equipment and education.


2017 - Calisthenics workshops with Jase Barvolution

We were busy with workshops and education courses throughout 2017. Later in the year, we worked with Jase Barvoluton (founder of the Street Sports Association and Evolution of Fitness Calisthenics Academy) to bring free “Introduction to Calisthenics” workshops to CrossFit boxes in the UK. We were able to connect so many athletes and coaches to calisthenics, and have since supplied equipment to many CrossFit boxes.


2017 – Resistance bands launched

At the end of 2017, we launched our range of resistance bands, in 6 sizes with varying levels of resistance. These sold out straight away and have been one of our best-sellers ever since.


2018 – Upgrading our parallettes

Parallettes have always been our flagship product, and over Christmas 2017 we sent out a huge customer survey. We gathered all the feedback and decided to add rubber feet to all our parallette products, making Europe’s most popular parallettes even better.


2018 – Gymnastic rings launches

That 2017 customer survey also asked which new products people would like to see. As a result, we introduced wooden gymnastics rings to the range. Gravity Fitness Rings proved popular with calisthenics athletes, CrossFit boxes, gymnastics, and other functional fitness programmes.


Today – More products, more outreach – towards a stronger world

Gravity Fitness continues to grow and innovate. Our product range is always expanding in response to customer feedback and changes in the way people train. In recent years, we’ve added portable pull up racks, wall mounted bars, weighted vests, and a range of exciting and pretty rare unconventional training tools.

In 2020, we launched the Gravity Training Facebook group,a free resource run by our group of coaches, offering training tips, specialist tutorials, and daily workout ideas. We want it to become the biggest and best online resource for calisthenics and body weight training.