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Gravity Fitness was born from a deep-seeded desire to serve the calisthenics community with innovative products that demonstrate fantastic quality and attainability.

When founder Rich Hawkins was left severely disheartened at the substandard range of calisthenics products available to purchase back in 2015, he sought to tackle this shortcoming by developing a dynamic new array of apparatus to not only fill this much-needed gap in the market but inspire a new generation of calisthenics enthusiasts.

Rich’s quest began with the birth of Gravity Fitness Medium Parallettes, which after selling out in two weeks was quickly diversified to include a broad spectrum of models to satisfy growing consumer demand.

The exponential growth of his flagship product exceeded all expectations and paved the way for the introduction of new lines to include the Gravity Fitness Portable Bodyweight & Pull-Up Rack, Gravity Fitness Resistance Bands, Gravity Fitness Heavy Duty Mounted Pull-Up Bar, Gravity Fitness Plyometric Jump Box, Gravity Fitness Power Tower, Gravity Fitness Wooden Gymnastic Rings and bags and apparel.

Since its conception Gravity Fitness has amassed quite the cult following; its reach heightened not only by the expediency of the Gravity Fitness product range and tireless efforts in attaining the upmost levels of customer satisfaction, but perhaps most pertinently, Gravity’s integration into the calisthenics community.

Gravity Fitness is honoured to have supported all manner of athletes and events, beginning with sponsorship of the WSWCF Championships in summer 2016, followed up later that year with sponsorship of Battle of the Bars.

In 2017 Gravity Fitness teamed up with Bodyweight Gurus to offer calisthenics workshops and Reps accredited instructor courses nationwide. A programme still running to this day, aiming to encourage the next generation of calisthenics aficionados.

Later in 2017 Gravity also collaborated with Street Sports Association and Evolution of Fitness Calisthenics Academy to offer free Introduction to Calisthenics workshops at CrossFit boxes throughout the UK. The programme was hugely successful, and Gravity went onto supply many CrossFit boxes with new equipment to further support up-and-coming calisthenics athletes.

Gravity Fitness continues to pioneer by providing help and support to both athletes, events and the sport itself through education and exposure.

Gravity’s ethos to continually develop and innovate through bodyweight specific products will help ensure the longevity of the sport. Their aim is to encourage others to get moving the way nature intended- using the resistance of our bodies in practical applications that not only look CAF but help to sculpt a lean, functional physique.