Home fitness equipment

Gravity Fitness are pioneers in providing top of the range calisthenics equipment that is perfect for home use. The beauty of the Gravity range is that it offers a versatile full body workout solution using the resistance of your own body weight!

Gravity Fitness products are designed to be lightweight and portable meaning you can take your training anywhere- no excuses! You certainly don’t need a gym membership to experience the benefits of highly effective home fitness- you no longer even need to leave the house.

After Gravity Fitness launched its flagship product; Gravity Fitness Medium Parallettes, the brainchild of founder Rich Hawkins, to rave reviews it quickly diversified its product range to include different sizes to keep up with escalating consumer demand. Gravity’s Parallette launch exceeded all expectations and quickly made its way to the top of the European best seller list. This paved the way for the introduction of new lines to include the Gravity Fitness Portable Bodyweight & Pull-Up Rack, Gravity Fitness Resistance Bands, Gravity Fitness Heavy Duty Mounted Pull-Up Bar, Gravity Fitness Plyometric Jump Box, Gravity Fitness Power Tower, Gravity Fitness Wooden Gymnastic Rings and bags and apparel.

The Gravity Fitness Portable Pull-Up Rack, especially, is perfect for home use; it’s been painstakingly designed to effortlessly fully collapse without the need for any tools, in just a few minutes. When disassembled it can be conveniently stored in the carry bag provided. Team this with a pair of Gravity’s iconic Parallettes and some Gravity Fitness resistance bands and you have a complete and versatile training solution that can be performed from the convenience of your own home.

This diverse range of Gravity’s calisthenic equipment on offer provides a myriad of training options allowing every body part to be targeted with minimal space required. Using just a few key pieces of apparatus has the potential to induce a complete body overhaul; sculpt a lean, muscular physique with real-world practical applications. Minimal cost. Minimal fuss.

Gravity Fitness products are ideal for anyone with a passion for CrossFit, gymnastics, street workouts, calisthenics, resistance training, weight loss, or simply someone wanting to gain some functional strength or improve their physique. The best part? You don’t even have to leave the house to get in the best shape on your life. With Gravity Fitness, home fitness just got attainable!


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