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Gravity Fitness is proud to claim the coveted title of Europe’s bestselling parallettes on the market.

In 2015, motivated by founder Rich Hawkin’s desire to provide great quality functional equipment at an affordable price, Gravity Fitness launched its flagship product; Gravity Fitness Medium Parallettes. Received with great excitement amongst fitness enthusiasts, the range quickly sold out within two weeks and served to highlight a considerable gap in the market for calisthenic equipment that was both dynamic and durable.

The range was quickly extended to meet growing demand, and soon expanded to include the Gravity Fitness XL Parallettes, followed swiftly by the Gravity Fitness S Parallettes. The extensive range now provides a model to suit all ranges of body type and ability and has already undergone several design improvements in its infancy including thicker handles and the addition of non-slip rubber feet.

Gravity Fitness steel parallettes come powder coated in stylish matte black for the ultimate protection and grip and are designed with 50 x 50mm box section feet which allows them unrivalled levels of stability. The 38mm handles are ergonomically designed to offer awesome hold whilst being kind to the wrists.


Gravity Fitness are so confident in the outstanding quality and therefore durability of their parallettes, that they offer a lifetime warranty against material workmanship or defects. The range is so durable that it’s encouraged for both domestic and commercial applications.

Incorporating parallettes into your fitness regimen provides unreal levels of practical strength, flexibility, and conditioning. These simple, yet genius pieces of equipment allow you to sculpt a lean physique whilst improving muscularity, all with viable real-world applications. The cornerstone of any calisthenics programme; use parallettes to conquer the planche, hand stand, back lever, elbow lever and many more… right the way up to pulling off the perfect human flag. If mastering bodyweight exercises is your goal, then you need this equipment in your life!

If you have weak or problematic rotary cuffs, introducing training with parallettes is highly recommended. It’s an area that’s notoriously difficult to stimulate with more traditional forms of exercise. Incorporating parallette work allows you to strengthen the area and minimise the risk of injury.

Gravity Fitness parallettes are perfect for anyone with a passion for CrossFit, gymnastics, street workouts, calisthenics, resistance training, weight loss, or simply someone wanting to gain some functional strength or improve their physique.

Gravity Fitness is now celebrated as the go-to brand for parallettes and as of January 2019 have sold in excess of 50,000 units worldwide. What Gravity don’t know about parallettes isn’t worth knowing!