The beauty of calisthenics is that it can be performed anywhere using the resistance of just your bodyweight, however, to really up your game there’s an assortment of gear to perfect your technique. Gravity Fitness explores the best pieces to invest in…


  1. Pull-Up Rack
    The pull-up is the principal foundation of any good bodyweight training regimen. Master this before attempting to tackle any of the more complicated gravity defying stunts that monopolise our Insta feeds. The pull-up rack is the most effective way to get your practice on and a portable design allows you to take your workout anywhere! Getting a vitamin D boost whilst sculpting a beach bod? #winning! The Gravity Fitness Portable Bodyweight and Pull-up Rack boats a lightweight, easy to collapse design complimented with classic matt black styling.


  1. Parallettes
    Incorporating a good quality pair of paralletes into your calisthenics training can be a real game changer. These extremely versatile pieces of equipment accommodate a vast range of exercises and let’s face it; your calisthenics game is weak unless you’ve mastered the planche. Gravity Fitness is proud to hold the title of Europe’s best selling parallettes so safe to say our equipment is second-to-none in terms of affordability, functionality and quality. We offer a full range of sizes from small through to XL to cater for every ability and exercise.


  1. Gymnastic Rings
    If you haven’t started including gymnastic ring work into your training, you’re missing out! There’s a reason gymnasts have that classic V-shape we all strive for- and that’s these babies! This simple yet incredibly challenging piece of equipment provides a workout like no other; requiring more balance and stabilisation than a normal bar. Result… more muscle recruitment and some serious gainz in core strength. Gravity Fitness Gymnastic Rings are wooden for optimum grip strength and designed to be used in conjunction with our pull-up bars and power tower.


  1. Power Tower
    Power towers are designed to present a complete bodyweight training solution. Offering a full body workout, this multipurpose bit of kit is your one-stop shop to the shape of your life! Suitable for pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, knee raises, press-ups and many more; consider this the ultimate in versatility. Gravity Fitness’ own Power Tower is very heavy duty making it apt for both home and commercial use.


  1. Resistance Bands
    Undisputedly the single most transportable, convenient and low-cost piece of equipment out there. Whilst highly effective as an alternative to weights in a resistance programme and handy AF to aid in recovery and rehabilitation, it’s also a great addition to your calisthenics workout. Use these to aid with assisted bodyweight movements- if you haven’t yet perfected your pull-up then a resistance band is your new best friend. Gravity Fitness offers a phenomenal range with six different resistances, colour-coded for your convenience.
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